PMR channels

PMR 446 channels

PMR (Personal Mobile Radio) – is a standard for unlicensed radio communications, used in Europe, but prohibited in the United States and Canada. Depending on the country, the number of channels and terms of use may vary.

PMR channels

This communication standard includes 8 channels with a step of 12.5 kHz, in the range 446.00625–446.09375 MHz. The maximum permitted power for walkie-talkies should not exceed 0.5 watts. This condition distinguishes the PMR446 channels from the LPD frequencies, where the maximum allowed power is only 0.1 watts.

Unfortunately, 0.1 watts and even 0.5 watts are too low for comfortable communication. Low power – this is what we have to sacrifice for the sake of the opportunity to communicate without a license.

Despite the small transmitter power, PMR radio waves have high penetrating power and can provide quality communication in the city. In nature, the connection is even better.

In the city, PMR446 walkie-talkies can transmit over about 400–800 meters (0.3–0.5 miles), and in open areas they cover up to 8 kilometers (5 miles).

The communication range at PMR channels is also limited by low-power antennas that are built into such walkie-talkies.

The PMR446 frequencies are popular among skiers, they also can often be found on walkie-talkies for snowboarding. Businesses and tourists also use them.

Compared to the LPD range, there are only 8 channels in the PMR, and this is its drawback: usually, it is crowded. Typically, PMR radios are equipped with a 38-tone CTCSS codec, which can help create some privacy in the conversation.

PMR446 channel frequencies

Channel Frequency, MHz
1 446.00625
2 446.01875
3 446.03125
4 446.04375
5 446.05625
6 446.06875
7 446.08125
8 446.09375


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