Facts about walkie talkies

Fact about walkie talkies №1

The first walkie-talkie was patented in 1872 by Malon Loomis. But this is only a patent. The radio-powered device was created by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895.

Fact №2

The Eiffel Tower stands thanks to the radio. The Eiffel Tower was opened in 1889 for the World Exhibition. The organizers planned to dismantle it in twenty years. But at this time, the era of radio just began. Since the Eiffel Tower is so tall, it has become a great place to place antennas. This is what saved the famous building from dismantling.

Fact №3

Walkie-talkies began to be actively used during the Second World War in the army. Then they were produced by Galvin Manufacturing, now known as Motorola.

Fact №4

The first walkie-talkies were bulky, in 1955 they were reduced to the size of modern walkie-talkies.

Fact №5

In the 1990s, cell phones began to replace walkie-talkies. Nowadays, the cell phone is better suited for communication in the city and in the cellular network coverage areas. Walkie-talkies have an advantage outside the city and wherever there is no cellular coverage.

Fact №6

In August 1942, several dozen Navajo Indians were drafted into the US Army. They were entrusted with a special responsibility – to conduct radio communications in their own language. Japanese military intelligence regularly intercepted radio communications, but could not decipher them. There were no specialists in the whole country who knew the Navajo language.

Fact №7

A curious incident occurred during a football duel in England in 1940. An impenetrable fog hung over the stadium, and the commentator could not even make out the corner of the football field. At the same time, he was informed that the Germans were listening to the broadcast, and if they found out about the fog, they would immediately start bombing. As a result, during the match he did not show signs and commented on the match, starting from the reaction of the fans in the stands.

Fact №8

Some radios have a built-in scrambling encryption system.

Fact №9

Different countries have different frequencies allowed for broadcasting. You cannot buy a walkie-talkie in the USA and use it in Europe – you must first check the frequencies allowed there.

Fact about walkie talkies №10

Perhaps the most international band for universal radio communications is CB 27 MHz. It is mainly used by truckers and car enthusiasts.