KOMZ binoculars

KOMZ binoculars

"KOMZ" stands for "Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant". Russian brand, one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality binoculars. Its design contains all the best developments of domestic designers and takes into account all the main modern trends of the world scale. The purpose of the devices is universal, suitable for field and special observations of various profiles, the study of celestial bodies, etc.

The plant began its work as a manufacturer of military field binoculars. Therefore, the binoculars of this brand are still very popular in Russia among fans of military field games and military awards.

Among the distinctive qualities are the following: durable metal body; goniometric grid; high-quality glass optics; resistance to sudden changes in temperature (from -40 to + 50 ° C); acceptable price.

Most of the binoculars "KOMZ" are produced with ruby-coated lenses, which have a positive effect on the retina, protecting against infrared radiation. These binoculars are well suited for difficult climates and low light conditions. In addition to optical characteristics, binoculars "KOMZ" have a convenient arrangement of buttons, adjustable zoom, and smooth stroke of the adjustment knobs.

Professional binoculars KOMZ are suitable for different purposes of use:

  • hunting,
  • fishing,
  • orienteering,
  • tourism,
  • travels,
  • scientific research in nature and much more.

Each model of their devices is distinguished by an accurate study of the technical component, reliability of the cases, and ease of use. These features have made KOMZ binoculars one of the most popular today.

KOMZ binoculars product lines

The manufacturer offers users a choice of several lines of its products:

BPC – in terms of their parameters and capabilities, they are more suitable for use in hunting.

BPO – general directional devices, which also have a rubberized housing that protects the internal elements from moisture.

Binoculars KOMZ are produced in a rather small volume. There are a lot of fakes on the market. But if you search, you can find original copies of this brand in a special gift design: a wooden box inlaid with a veneer of expensive wood species, covered with a velvet backing inside, and the binoculars themselves are processed with a rich high-quality light blue paint. The official website of the manufacturer even presents gift binoculars decorated with a beautiful gold engraving based on ancient Slavic legends.

These are the modern models of BPC KOMZ binoculars released to date:

KOMZ binoculars 7×30

  • Binoculars BPOs 7×30 "Baigish"

KOMZ binoculars 8×30

  • BPC5 8x30M binoculars "Hunter" camouflage
  • BPC6 8×30 binoculars (rubberized) "Baigish"
  • BPC7 8×30 "Baigish"
  • Binoculars BPC5 8x30M "Baigish"
  • BPC5 8x30M binoculars camouflage "Pixel"
  • BPC5 8x30M with a case covered with leather and "Dark chrome" in a wooden box
  • BPC5 8x30M with a case covered with leather and "Light chrome" in a wooden box
  • BPC5 8x30M with a case covered with leather and "Dark chrome" in a wooden box
  • Binoculars with a reticle and separate focusing BPs 8×30

KOMZ binoculars 10×40

  • Binoculars BPC 10×40 "Baigish"
  • BPC 10×40 binoculars camouflage "Pixel"
  • BPC 10×40 binoculars "Hunter" camouflage
  • BKFTS 10x40M binoculars in a gift version in a box
  • BPS 10×40 "Baigish" with a rangefinder reticle and separate focusing
  • BPC2 10×40 (rubberized) "Baigish"
  • Binoculars BPOs 10×42 "Baigish"

KOMZ binoculars 12×45

  • BPC3 12×45 (rubberized) "Baigish"
  • BPC2 12x45M binoculars "Pixel" camouflage
  • BPC2 12x45M binoculars "Hunter" camouflage
  • BPC2 12x45M "Baigish"

KOMZ binoculars 12×50

  • BPC 15×50 binoculars "Pixel" camouflage
  • BPC 15×50 binoculars "Hunter" camouflage
  • BPC 15×50 "Baigish"
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