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Binocular KOMZ Baigish 50×50: is a china copy?

The Baigish 50×50 binoculars were a free gift with my hotel room. They are made by a Russian company called KOMZ at an optical-mechanical factory in Kazan, which has existed since the time of the Soviet Union.

KOMZ Baigish 50×50: a short review


Well, it seems that the true power of the binoculars is only 15x, not 50x, as it says. At least, I can only find a model 15×50 on the official site. (Truly, I could not find this model on the official site, so I think it is a Chinese copy).


Based on Porro-prisms, the binocular has a wide angle of view. It is great for observing while you are sitting on a balcony with a cup of coffee. An image has realistic colors but suffers from chromatic aberration at the edge of a field.

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I used them to view from a distance of about 500 meters (1640 ft). In life, the quality is better than on my photo, taken with a smartphone. The image is bright even at night, so I think the lenses are really coated, but maybe with only one or two layers. Regardless, I could not see a distinct blue highlight of the optic.


It weighs about 1 kg (2.2 lbs). Pretty comfortable for long observations without a tripod. Yet, for those who use binoculars for stargazing, I strongly recommend mounting it on a support: to prevent the image from shaking.

Let’s go further. Baigish binoculars look rough and durable: the central focusing bridge was constructed of metal, it can be seen in areas where the paint has worn off and the base is visible. But it seems that other details are plastic. The tubes are covered with leather.


According to the signature, it is suited to warm summer and frosty winter: it is signed -40…+50 °C (-40…122 °F).


It has a diopter adjustment ring and it works, but the limit of change of the diopter is not clear. The eyepieces have folding eye flaps, which are useful if you wear glasses.

Is this Baigish 50×50 a china copy or not?

I think – yes, and that`s why:

  • The declared increase is false. If it was really 50x, then the view field would be far less with 50-mm objectives, than it is.
  • There is no license number. KOMZ always marks his products.
  • There is no such modification on the official KOMZ website.
  • A lot of plastic details are not typical for true KOMZ products.
  • The binocular is packed in a soft case; optic elements are supplied with caps. Usually, KOMZ does not supply their binoculars with caps for objectives and eyepieces.

However, it works well even being a copy. It provides quite good image quality: bright and realistic colors. It has a wide angle of view and allows observing a location with comfort.

What do you think about it? Would you buy a copy if it gives pretty good quality?

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7 Replies to “Binocular KOMZ Baigish 50×50: is a china copy?”

  1. Ali

    Is it really 50x magnification or 15?

      • Ali

        Please guide me, should I buy this or 20×50 baigish because people says Image shaking in 20×50, also Does 20×50 is better in images quality and low light image vision or this one?

        • admin

          Thank you for the question! I think Baigish 15×50 would be better. However, 15x is still too much to use without a mount. What goals do you have? 20×50 is good for astronomy, but where did you find these binoculars? I can’t see them on the official website of KOMZ. The maximum magnification they have is 15 times. I’m afraid that Baigish 20×50 is a fake.

          • Ali

            I found it on amazon while googling, Should I buy this 50×50 Chinese copy or try the 20×50? Kindly reply

          • admin

            I think 15×50 would be better

  2. Ali

    Thanks again for your reply, watching astronomy and hunting in the night are my goals. Is this 50×50 good to use in the night, also I would be very thankful if you kindly provide me some more night images with this binocular on my email or any other source.

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