Baigish-6U Night vision device

The principle of operation of the device is based on the amplification of weak natural night light (moon, starry sky) by an electron-optical converter. Baigish-6U is a II generation night-vision device and is equipped with two eyepieces that converge into one optical axis. The device has one lens and one electron-optical converter. Passing through them, the beam of light bifurcates and enters both monoculars. So we get a stereoscopic image as if we were looking at binoculars. The image is more realistic, and the eyes are less tired.

The eyes are provided with a rubber frame. It serves as a protection against illumination and concurrently masks the glow of the screen. Baigish-6U has an optical magnification of 2.4 times. The angle of view is 11°, which is very good for devices of this price category. It costs about $1,200 on Amazon.

As we said, the Baigish-6U uses a second-generation converter to amplify light. So, what does it mean and how does night vision binoculars work?

Baigish-6U night vision device with a 2nd generation converter

GEN II and II+ electron-optical converters are more difficult to manufacture and therefore devices with them are more expensive. But their image quality, of course, is much higher too. In addition, the range of view is increased. According to hunters, with the II Generation EOD, you can recognize a human figure at a distance of 600 meters. At a distance of 300 meters, the image will already be detailed.

Second GEN night vision devices aren’t so sensitive to lateral illumination. A bright point will remain only a point, not interfering with continued observations. At the same time, the devices work well with very low lighting. So good that they hardly need infrared lighting. If the device is equipped with sensitive and high-quality optics, then this allows you to see with minimal lighting.

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Image quality and light gathering undoubtedly outweigh the high price relative to night vision devices with first-generation converters. Therefore, many hunters choose such devices. With Baigish-6U, you can hunt even in Africa or Alaska, because its operating temperature range is from -30 to + 40 °C.

Of course, you can’t hold such a device in your hands for a long time: it weighs almost 1.8 kg. It is recommended to purchase it complete with a mask mount, which is fixed to the head. For example, Pulsar makes similar masks for its Pulsar Challenger night vision devices.

Such devices are also used for observation and study of the area in conditions of natural night lighting, for protection, bird watching, fishing. They can also be useful for yachtsmen in controlling sailing and motorboats at night, as well as for rescue operations at dusk and at night.

It is recommended to border guards, police officers, hunters, security officers.

Human Vision Range with the starry sky (0.003-0.005 lux), m 250
Increase, times 2,4
Angular field of view 11°
Charge, V 9
Operation time from one battery, hour 8
Dimensions, mm 405х168х85
Weight, kg 1,8
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