Baigish 12 Night Vision binoculars

Baigish 12 Night Vision Binoculars

Baigish 12 AC Night Vision Binoculars is a 2.8x night vision device (NOD). It is made in the form of binoculars and, due to this, is convenient for observing night nature. Inside each monocular, there is an electron-optical converter, a lens, and an eyepiece. Optical pipes are hinged and can be extended to 72 mm of interpupillary distance. The minimum distance is 62 mm.

Baigish 12 Night Vision Binoculars: an image intensifier of the 1st gen

Binoculars are built on a first-generation image intensifier – the simplest and cheapest, but nevertheless such a device allows you to conduct observations in low light. It could be moonlight or the light of stars. These night vision binoculars can be recommended for various types of work, both in the hot south and in the north. It operates at a temperature of 30 to + 40 °C. However, you should avoid exposing the device to moisture.

Baigish 12 Night Vision Binocular is equipped with an infrared flashlight. Turn it on, and binoculars can recognize objects even in complete darkness. For example, it is useful in a cave, in a basement, or on the street if the stars are hidden behind clouds. The range of vision depends on the degree of illumination, the type of the observed objects, the contrast between the object and the background, and the transparency of the atmosphere.

Special holes, which are made in the lens covers, allow you to conduct observations with increased illumination. For example, if you use binoculars at dusk, do not remove the covers.

The device has a separate diopter setting of eyepieces (+/- 4 diopters). Baigish 12 AC night vision binoculars are work on a nine-volt battery that earlier had been used in the early transistor radios. The battery is placed in the tube between the optical pipes. To change the battery, unscrew the cover, insert the battery, and twist the cover. A tumbler that turns on and off the night vision device is located near the battery compartment.

Precautions about Baigish 12 Night Vision Binoculars

Please do not try to connect the device to more powerful batteries: this can damage the electron-optical converter. We also want to recall some precautions when using night vision devices:

  • Do not switch on Baigish 12 AC during the day with open lenses
  • Do not apply binoculars to bright light sources.
  • Do not disassemble the device by yourself.

Before you begin, make sure there are no bright lights in sight.

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