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  • How to build an Astrograph? DIY guide

    What telescope owner has never thought about photographing the wonders he sees in space? Modern technology makes it possible to take photographs using a smartphone, attaching it to the eyepiece of a telescope. However, there is also a special device for astrophotography – the astrograph.

  • walkie-talkie etiquette

    Walkie-talkie etiquette

    Before the transmission starts At the beginning of a conversation on the radio, you need to name the person you are contacting and introduce yourself. Also, at the end of...

  • walkie talkie roger

    Walkie-talkie: Roger!

    The police, military, air traffic controllers, and their affiliated services use portable radios as the main communication channel. And the technology of radio communication is imperfect – often the conversation...

  • KOMZ binoculars

    KOMZ binoculars

    "KOMZ" stands for "Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant". Russian brand, one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality binoculars. Its design contains all the best developments of domestic designers and takes into account all the main modern trends of the world scale.

  • Walkie Talkie codes Lingo

    Walkie Talkie Lingo codes (PDF inside!)

    ...The problem is that radios don't have the perfect audio quality you would expect. The fewer words are in radio communication, the better it is to understand what is being said. That is why you will never see people using walkie talkies talk normally.

  • walkie-talkie for mountains

    Best walkie talkie for mountains

    One of the main factors is strength and reliability. Still, falls are an integral part of alpine skiing, especially in the early stages. In addition, it is after fall and injury that a skier has to use a walkie-talkie to call for help. It will be inappropriate if the radio suddenly fails. Of course, protection from moisture should also be included – snow melts and may disable your gadget.

  • How to choose the best city walkie-talkies

    How to choose the best city walkie-talkies

    Today, many people want to buy city radios for different goals. For example, walkie-talkies are very popular with airsoft players – they are a great opportunity to coordinate actions to demonstrate maximum efficiency in battle. They can also be a good choice for builders, security guards, drivers, and many other people. But you have to be careful about choosing a suitable walkie-talkie.

  • Baigish-6U Night vision device

    The principle of operation of the device is based on the amplification of weak natural night light (moon, starry sky) by an electron-optical converter. Baigish-6U is a II generation night-vision device and is equipped with two eyepieces that converge into one optical axis. The device has one lens and one electron-optical converter. Passing through them, the beam of light bifurcates and enters both monoculars. So we get a stereoscopic image as if we were looking at binoculars. The image is more realistic, and the eyes are less tired.

  • skiing walkie talkies best

    Ski walkie-talkies: how to choose the best for skiing

    Why using a mobile phone is not the best idea when you go skiing in the mountains? Firstly, the cellular coverage in the mountains can be intermittent and at the right time, you can be left without communication. Mountains are a zone of increased danger and sometimes the ability to connect other people can be a matter of health. Secondly, phones quickly discharge, especially when it’s cold. Walkie-talkies do not consume charge so quickly.

  • Baigish 12 Night Vision binoculars

    Baigish 12 Night Vision Binoculars

    Baigish 12 AC Night Vision Binoculars is a 2.8x night vision device (NOD). It is made in the form of binoculars and, due to this, is convenient for observing night...

  • Porro binoculars vs Roof binoculars

    While binoculars may not seem very complicated and easy to buy there is a lot more that goes into it than just buying a pair which helps you look further. If you want a high-quality tool that provides you a variety of uses, you need to ask yourself one important question: Porro or roof prism binoculars?

  • Roof prism binoculars

    Roof prisms

    If you are faced with the need to choose binoculars, then you probably already noticed that modern binoculars have either a direct design or offset. In the first case, the...

  • LPD channels

    LPD channels

    The LPD (Low Power Device) channels are dedicated for civilian communication within the UHF frequencies, as much as PMR446, another free band. LPD channels are located in the frequency range 433.075–434.775 MHz and include 69 channels with a step of 25 kHz. You can see them in the table below.

  • PMR channels

    PMR 446 channels

    PMR (Personal Mobile Radio) – is a standard for unlicensed radio communications, used in Europe, but prohibited in the United States and Canada. Depending on the country, the number of channels and terms of use may vary. This communication standard includes 8 channels with a step of 12.5 kHz, in the range 446.00625–446.09375 MHz

  • free walkie-talkie frequencies in europe

    Free walkie-talkie frequencies in Europe

    A two-way radio is used by government and military forces, and you mustn’t interfere with their communication. Otherwise, you are gonna be fined. There are special legal bands on different frequencies that are allowed to free usage for citizens. Let’s see, what are free walkie-talkie frequencies in Europe?

  • how does walkie talkie work

    How does walkie talkie work

    What does any modern walkie-talkie consist of? A receiver of the radio station is responsible for converting radio frequency signals into acoustic vibrations the human ear is accustomed to detecting. First, the received signal is filtered out and increased, then there is a decrease in frequency and the signal is transferred to a special decoder, which selects the information component from the entire stream. Then there is another amplification and outputting of already processed audio data to the speaker... How do walkie-talkies work on different frequencies?

  • How to talk on a walkie-talkie

    How to talk on a walkie talkie

    Picking up a two-way radio for the first time? it’s quite tricky to figure out how to talk through this device. I hope you purchased a walkie-talkie that does not require a license to use, or you already have this permission. Otherwise, men in black may knock on your door and report that you have problems! I’m joking, but this is true: if you use the wrong frequency without a license, you could get a large fine. Don’t want to lose a large amount of money? I would not want to either.

  • An optic scheme of a refracting telescope

    How do Refracting Telescopes work?

    A refractor, or a lens telescope, is the oldest type of telescopes. It was invented in 1609 by Galileo Galilei and was updated in consequence. Firstly, a refractor used two...

  • An optic scheme of a catadioptric telescope

    Catadioptric telescopes

    Catadioptric telescopes are compact with high optical capabilities. Since a light beam refracts several times inside the optical tube before going out into the eyepiece, the focal length of such...